Sunday, January 25, 2009

Basic Glass Painting Techniques for Beginners

Basic Glass Lining Instructions:

  1. First of all, select a small piece of glass (rectangular will be a good option for beginers) and clean & dry the glass thoroughly.
  2. After cleaning glass, place the glass over the top of pattern (start with simple design, like a square or a flower with leaves), so that the pattern is visible under the glass.
  3. Make a cone (you can take a square piece of plastic and fold it into a conical shape, like it is done for mehendi) and put the glass liner inside the cone.
  4. Make a small cut at the tip to allow the liner to flow out. (The amount of the tip you remove determines the width of the liner. To produce a fine line, cut off the tip of the applicator just above the opening about 1/16 inch down from the tip).
  5. Now we have to apply the liner, try tracing out the following the lines of a pattern slowly under the glass.
  6. (If it does not flow out of the cone easily it means the material inside is not down in the tip of the cone. Squeeze so that the liner comes at the tip so that the liner comes out smoothly).
  7. Before starting, test it on hand or any spare piece of glass to see whether the liner is coming out easily or not.
  8. Hold the cone firmly and apply a constant pressure for getting neat and uniform lines.
  9. Before beginning each new line, wipe the tip of the cone with a piece of cloth.
  10. Hold the cone at a 45 degree angle to work surface, touch the tip to the surface and start squeezing.
  11. Lift the cone about 1 1/2" above the work surface and follow the lines of your pattern.
  12. Working slightly above the surface, allows more time and readiness to trace a curved line which leaves a smooth traced line.
  13. As you complete each line, touch the tip down to the surface, stop squeezing and pull the cone away.
  14. Touch down when you start each new line, lift up, let the liner fall along the pattern line and touch down as you stop.
  15. Continue each line as far as possible.
  16. If there is a pattern where you have to go over another line, just go ahead and follow the procedure as mentioned above.

Useful Tip: Start the lining in the center of the traced pattern and work to the outside. This will help no to smudge the patterns traced inside.

Basic Colouring Techniques:

  1. Let the liner to dry for a day before applying colours.
  2. Select colours of your choice, or if you have a coloured pattern traced out, follow the colours of the picture. Apply colours within the liner portion as applicable and let it be for another day.
  3. Your glass painting is ready……

Useful Tip: Be ready with a toothpick or safety pin. If you find a bubble, try breaking the bubble by pricking it with the toothpick.

Provided with a glass pattern and the final glass painting

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